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Safety Procedures & Regulations

Fire Safety

Smoke detectors are fitted in the ceiling of apartments near bedroom doors. The alarms are powered by a Lithium battery. These alarms are a LEGAL requirement and will be checked twice a year by the building's fire prevention contractors. Batteries are to be replaced at the Lot Owner's expense and if the detector fails during testing it must be replaced with the approved model at the Lot Owner's expense.

When smoke is detected the alarm will set off a high pitched sound. Items like burnt toast and strong cooking fumes will set off the alarm. When this occurs you must remove the cause and open your balcony door. DO NOT OPEN THE FRONT DOOR as there are more sensitive detectors in the hallways which are connected to the main fire control system and these alarms will automatically call NSW Fire & Rescue. You will be responsible for a fee of $1600 + GST for a false alarm.


Security is an extremely important benefit of high rise strata living and the safety and security of all The Pyrmont residents is of paramount importance.

Concierge services are provided seven days a week and our residents can be assured that they reside in a safe and secure environment which is continually monitored by high definition video monitoring equipment.

Access to the building is controlled by Cardex software systems and all residents are provided with a security swipe card which only permits access to specific floors and to common areas.

By-Laws & House Rules

Emergency Evacuations

If a fire emergency occurs you will hear a series of sounds starting with a very loud continuous beeping sound. This indicates that an alarm has been activated. Concierge staff will commence the Emergency Safety Procedures which will entail the locking off of lifts and opening the garage roller shutter door. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CONCIERGE as he/she will be extremely busy. You should wait in your apartment with the doors closed for further instructions.

If the cause of the alarm has not been fixed, the sound on the speaker system will change to a loud whooping sound which will last for four

minutes. You will then hear a voice message instructing you to EVACUATE NOW on the speaker system located in your apartment and you must leave the building via the fire stairs immediately. DO NOT USE THE LIFTS.

All residents must LEAVE the building and assemble in Harris Street and await further instructions. DO NOT WAIT IN THE FRONT FOYER as this will cause difficulty for Fire and Rescue crews.

Number of Occupants in Apartments

City of Sydney Regulations and Government Health, Fire and Safety laws in Australia restrict the number of people living in apartments to two (2) adults per bedroom.

The Pyrmont example:
A Town House or one bedroom apartment = maximum 2 adults permitted
A two bedroom apartment = maximum 4 adults permitted
A three bedroom apartment = maximum 6 adults permitted

The minimum lease period is three months and sub-letting of apartments is only permitted if an Owner approves the sub-letting in writing. Refer to By-Law 29. The Pyrmont strictly enforces these laws and

anyone found to be in breach sub-letting rules or exceeding the permitted number of occupants may be fined up to $1,000.

All occupants residing in The Pyrmont are required to be registered. It is the responsibility of the primary lease holder to ensure that all names are recorded on the Security Access Card Registration form provided by The Concierge Staff. Management may deny access if residents fail to register. Every resident in the building must have their own security swipe key. Swipe keys are NOT to be shared.

These laws are in place to ensure the safety of residents.

Moving In/Out

Every effort is made to accommodate all requests for moving in/out activities on any day of the week.

Moving times are 9:30am - 3:30pm Monday to Saturday. Bookings for the loading dock and exclusive use of a lift are required 48 hours in advance through the Concierge Office or via our Online Portal - Building Link.

A lift licence fee of $100 (non- refundable) is payable in advance together with a Bond of $200 (refundable) subject to no damage being done to common property.

No movers are permitted on Sundays.

Building Works/Alterations

Owners must have consent from the Owners Corporation via the Building Manager to do building works or alterations that will affect common property in any way such as installing timber or tiled floors. Consent is not required to do minor work such as hanging pictures on

walls, installing ceiling down lights or installing wardrobes. Before undertaking any work whatsoever it is advisable to discuss your plans with the Concierge Staff who will advise what approvals are required. Refer to By-Law 27.

Preferred Contractor Finder

The Pyrmont uses and recommends the following service contractors:
Elegance with security.